Veuve du Vernay Ice Demi Sec NV

Bubbly Wine - Veuve du Vernay

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A blend of Ugni Blanc, Chenin and Folle Blanche. Pale yellow with green tints. Generous foam, fine and numerous bubbles. Fruity, floral and citrus. This semi sweet wine is young, mellow and fine. To be served with ICE.


Veuve du Vernay, a range of sparkling French wines. Quality wines which are subtle, fresh, made according to the French tradition. It's a brand with an assertive style, an elegant but simple character. Veuve du Vernay is the brand representing good taste the French way! It has a heart, a spirit always ready to party. Because there is always something to celebrate!

Veuve du Vernay is an invitation to elegantly share with family or friends small and big occasions!

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