Champagne Cristian Senez Brut Carte Blanche

Bubbly Wine - Cristian Senez

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Made with 100 % Pinot Noir grapes, the pale yellow effervescence, tinged with gold, is luminous, limpid and persistent, giving it a silky soft appearance. Aromas of vanilla and spices skillfully balanced to create a luxurious taste that is both lively and well rounded.


The Family Owned Champagne House was founded by Cristian and Josette Senez in 1973. For over 40 years, our passion, our thoroughness and our creative spirit have allowed us to establish our pedigree. Angélique, Cristian and Josette's daughter, together with her husband Frédéric, are still making champagne in the same familial, simple and convivial atmosphere which they treasure so dearly. Today, the house has more than 21 hectares of vines and produces more than 400,000 bottles.


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