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Country: Spain

Region: Priorat

Alvaro Palacios Camins del Priorat 2015

Red Wine - Alvaro Palacios

HK $229

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Dressed in dense purple of red and violet fruits from tropical landscapes. The enfolding nose with thousands of references, almost poetical. Pulp and fruit skin, juice and fiber. Watermelon, plum, pear and pomegranates, the whole Mediterranean bringing aromas from far away lands. Indian seeds, exotic wood and flowers. Its taste is even enriched with blackberries and cassis in a voluptuous sensation of humble grace, firmly sustained by the characteristic minerality, more especially in vintages like this one, dry and fresh. The spices and the voluminous fruit are adorned with velvet and caress our palate and inside, leaving us with a feeling of charm in our memories.

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