Borsao Zarihs 2013

Red Wine - Borsao

HK $181

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Opaque red-black with crimson-purple rim. Powerful impression of blackberries, with a hint of wood smoke and sweet vanilla. The nose beings to open up and develops notes of dark chocolate. The initial impact is very full bodied, with a plush, soft structure. Flavours od dark berries dominate; wile blackberries and dried plums, with notes of espresso coffee.


Our origins go back to 1958, the year the Cooperative of Borja was founded. This is where Borsao originated as a brand. Some years later, the co-operatives of Pozuelo and Tabuenca joined Borja, adding their resources and –most importantly- their vineyards.

This happened in the year 2001, and the new company was called Bodegas Borsao S.A., established as a limited company. Its 700 members became shareholders and a management team was appointed to shake the foundations of the winery: starting with the grape sourcing scheme and following with a refurbishment of the winemaking facilities.

Experience, resources and means combined with the potential of the vineyards of the 3 wine cellars, enabling the development of a new work philosophy that has given Borsao international recognition and prestige.Nowadays there has been more professionalization and now we are 375 winegrowers.

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