Brancaia Ilatraia 2014

Red Wine - Brancaia

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We have been in Maremma since 1998. The present age of the vines, new varietals and our current expertise have opened up new possibilities for us. Based on this we have r econsidered the initial blend of ILATRAIA - the wine is now even more elegant than before, composed by grape varietals that ripen optimally every year in the Maremma even without irrigation. ILATRAIA is an intense, elegant and terrorir-typical wine.


It was in 1981, when the Swiss couple Brigitte and Bruno Widmer fell in love with the at the time abandoned Brancaia estate (Castellina in Chianti) and purchased it. Only two years later, Brancaia made the first rank in an important Chianti Classico tasting and then rapidly gained international recognition.

This lead to a continuous extension of the activities resulting in purchasing the Poppi estate (Radda in Chianti) in 1989, followed in 1998 by the founding of Brancaia in Maremma, only 10km from the Mediterranean coastline.

Since 1998 Barbara Widmer, oenologist and daughter of the founders, has been responsible for the winemaking as well as for the vineyards on all three estates - she thereby relies on the consultancy of the famous oenologist Carlo Ferrini.

Today BRANCAIA is one of Tuscany’s leading wineries, receiving important national and international awards every year. The wines are successfully sold worldwide.

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