Cantina Di Castello Soave Carniga 2011 (6-Pack)

White Wine - Cantina Di Castello

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**Sold as a 6-Pack**


Extreme Soave: delightful body and fully structured, making this classy white wine a great companion for raw fish dishes, oysters, shellfish and white meat. Mineral-like flavours and tropical fruitiness, harmoniously blended white flowers and a dash of freshness are characteristic of this wine.

Rich pale amber colour. Intense nose, with a floral character that finishes with a sweet sensation of fruit and acacia honey. Warm and complex taste with harmonic and sweet finish.


The Cantina del Castello has produced wine since 1960s, but it has achieved it’s current splendor under the guidance of Arturo Stochetti, who has been producing wine in accordance with Soave’s noble cultural traditions for the last twenty years.

Arturo sets great score in his passion for wine, respect for historical tradition, as well as technological innovation and research, which he combines in order to make exquisite wines. Weather Arturo is picking grapes or bottling wine, he never forgets the importance of producing wines that express the land in which they are cultivated.

The Cantina del Castello is a small sized vineyard, covering about twelve hectares, in the historical “classic” wine-growing part of Soave. The contained size of the vineyard means that Arturo is able to take great care of his vines and of every stage of wine production, transforming the process into a true labor of love.

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