Carpineta Fontalpino Chianti Colli Senesi 2014 (6-Pack)

Red Wine - Carpineta Fontalpino

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**Sold as a 6-Pack**


25,000 bottles produced from 100% Sangiovese grapes. This is a dark fruited wine with deep black cherry, black plum, and balsamic macerated cherry flavors but in a softer, rounder, easier to just sip package. A grilled Portobello note comes out with air and there’s just enough tannin and acidity to make this perfect for a wide range of foods. Anticipated maturity: 2014-2016


The Cresti family have been proprietors of Carpineta Fontalpino Vineyard since the 1960's and traces of the wine making traditions date as far back as the past century. The name Carpineta Fontalpino has never changed. It has its roots in two historical places of the area of Montaperti. We find Carpineta, a site where typical trees characteristic of this area, with silver back leaves, called "Carpini" grow and Fontalpino, the water source with the back drop of the pine trees of Montaperti - two noteworthy places of this important medieval historical site. The vineyard is located in the middle of Tuscany, very close to the splendid town of Siena and the historical village of Castelnuovo Berardenga.

The surrounding territory is though rich in history, legends and love that are experienced by all those who are fortunate to visit it. Its unforgettable atmosphere creates strong emotions. As we have the honor and privilege to live here we strive to maintain the unaltered countryside and its traditions intact, proud to be part of such a generous area, which never ceases to surprise us and our guests. Gioia is the vineyard’s oenologist and she is responsible for all the production phases, from the wine making to the aging. She literally “picks up” the best grapes so that the whole wine production is imprinted on her own personal style.

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