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100% Chardonnay. Blend of « head of the vatful » from AVIZE, OGER, CRAMANT and OIRY terroirs. This wine is comprised of 40% 2012 harvest (Grand Crus wines) and 60% 2011 harvest (Resrve wines 50% aged in oak cask). Malolactic fermentation is completely done. Bottling made in May 2013. Aged on lie between 36 and 48 months and hand-riddled. Wine dosed at 5g/litre. Sulfite : 50 mg / litre.


Since its creation the Champagne Agrapart and Sons is a Champagne maker vintner (R.M.). The champagne maker vintner has the privilege of mastering at all times the maturing of the grapes and hence the progression of his wine. Because of this we are very proud in offering a constant quality to our customers.

The Agrapart domain is situated in Avize and the vineyards are found mainly in Avize, Oger, Cramant and Oiry, all Grand Cru from the Côte des Blancs. This geographical situation, right in the heart of the Champagne region and in the villages classed Grand Cru, is exceptional.The chalky soil, specific to the Côte des Blancs, allows us to work the Chardonnay grape variety, known especially for the freshness, elegance and finesse it brings to the wine. Composed of 50 plots, of which certain are over 65 years old, the average age of the vines being about 40 years./p>

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