Champagne de Sousa Blanc de Blancs Reserve Grand Cru NV (6-Pack)

Bubbly Wine - De Sousa

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Brut Réserve is a Grand Cru Champagne, made only with Chardonnay grown in 5 of the Grand Cru terroirs of La Côte des Blancs: Avize, Cramant, Oger, Le Mesnil sur Oger and Chouilly. Thanks to the high quality of the soil and the purity of the chalk

Brut Réserve is a delightfully fine and elegant wine; a classic example of a pure chardonnay Champoagne combining aromas of lemon, white flowers and hazelnut with a surprising minerality, all of which are complemented by a rich buttery texture coming from 30% of reserve wine aged in oak casks.

Brut Réserve is ideal as an aperitif and goes perfectly with sea-food (such as oysters) and a variety of fish.


Located in the historical heart of La Côte des Blancs, the village of Avize has benefited from the Grand Cru special status since 1908. It’s actually in the centre of Côte des Blancs, at Avize, that Chardonnay is best represented.

Not as well-known as blended Champagnes, 100% Chardonnay, Champagnes ,called ‘Blanc de Blancs’ in French, are highly prized by experts who enjoy their delicate aromas, finesse and minerality.

De Sousa vines are grown using organic methods that are in harmony with Nature and the environment and which give the vine a natural balance, This develops and reinforces the natural defences of the vine and allows it to express its maximum quality potential.

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