Champagne Franck Pascal, Reliance NV (6-Pack)

Bubbly Wine - Franck Pascal

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**Sold as a 6-Pack**


Our whole vineyard is certified biodynamic. 60 % of the domain is plown by horse and we employ one person per hectare. Our clayey terroirs, in hillside, on hard limestones, flint and "meulières" stones demand a particular vine growing. Minerality is obtained with moderate yields.

The wine balance between tension/fruitiness/minerality/sructure is determined while tasting the grapes before harvest. Our natural yeasts, our spontaneous malo-lactic fermentations, no cooling, no finning and no freezing maintain this balance till your bottle. The grapes allegedly contaminated by the pesticides sprayed near our vineyard are sold. The bonus is our natural yeasts are healthier and more able to ferment our juices the best way. These natural fermentations occur without sulphites for the same reason. We test how our wines react to the air to know if they need sulfites or not. Each of our cuvée has a spirit. We blend our wines according to their affinity with this spirit. The grape rate changes every year.


We believe that each of us is on Earth to live extraordinary experiments, then we put our vineyard, our passion and our talent in the service of your moments of feelings. Our first motivation is to produce authentic champagnes, where get involved the flavors of the grapes and the minerality from terroir. To us, these are two main keys of the gastronomic pleasure: the pleasure from the taste of our champagne; and the pleasure created when champagne meets the talent of great chefs. We work with an environmental ethics. After organic, then biodynamic, we create a new way on increasing the vitality of our vineyard. We understand better and better the just attitude to get to avoid sprayings. Our present: when ecological benefaction of our practices steps up a notch, the flavors of the grape and the expression of our terroirs step up a notch ! We accompany our wine makings by a know-how entirely created on our domain to obtain natural, right, pure, clean and precise champagnes; endowed with drinkability and with digestibility sources of well-being.

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