Champagne Vilmart & Cie Grand Reserve 1er Cru NV (6-Pack)

Bubbly Wine - Vilmart & Cie

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70% Pinot Noir - 30% Chardonnay. Vintages 2013 - 2014. Ageing process: 10 months into large oak casks. No malolactic fermentation

Pale gold, mostly composed of Pinot Noir, reflecting a perfect maturity. The effervescence is long-lasting, giving birth to a persistent and delicate mousse with fine bubbles.

The first impression on the nose is marked by great intensity (aromas of biscuit, wheat ripe, pear and cherry). After a few seconds, the bouquet becomes more complex. The iris, oak, celery, white pepper and fine mineral aromas bring depth and complexity to the wine. With air this wine presents tertiary aromas such as melted butter and toast, reflecting an harmonious evolution of the wine.

A ripe and fine complex nose showing very interesting flavours for a non vintage wine. There is a fine balance between the primary aromas (fruits), secondary (biscuit, bread, butter) and tertiary (minerals and spices). A real bouquet!

It is lively on the palate. Good acidity and effervescence followed by an intense freshness. The balance is due to the softness of the wine. Boldness and warmth accompany the freshness of the wine. All is harmonious, both round and direct. The final character of the wine is long and mineral. A soft, soothing and pleasant Champagne.


The Champagne House Vilmart & Cie was founded in 1890 by Désiré Vilmart. Since then, the House has been leaded by passionate sons and sons-in-law who enabled this small House to become famous.

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