Dal Cero Ripasso della Valpolicella 2014

Red Wine - Dal Cero

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A ripe, rich ruby red. On the nose, sweet, succulent fruit combines with smooth spice, followed by delicate notes of pungent spices, creating a full-volumed, enchanting aromatic complex. A tangy acidity beautifully supports the full body, so that the wine is smooth yet surprisingly vibrant as well.


The Dal Cero family history begins with a volcanic figure. Augusto. It was he who, in the midst of war and devastation, managed to keep intact a dream that was rooted in the first vineyards on his property in Soave. The two hills whose lava soils he broke apart with his hands to plant his vineyards were the dream that bore fruit.

His sons Dario and Giuseppe followed in the same furrow as their father, and in the 1980s they turned their attention to Tuscany, to Cortona, where they found a centuries-old, prestigious growing area to produce great red wines, at their Tenuta Montecchiesi.

Today, the third generation, Alberto, Davide, Nico, and Francesca, guide the Dal Cero family, achieving new evolutionary growth, with expansion into international markets as well as the acquisition of a third wine estate, in Valpolicella, a growing area that is utterly distinctive in its geological formation.

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