Domaines Ott* Chateau de Selle Rosé Cru Classe 2017

Rosé Wine - Domaines Ott*

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Pale Robe with golden highlights. The Fine nose is evocative of peach and lemon, with cinnamon and vanila notes. In the mouth there is a combination of the fine terroir, full-bodiedness and fresh fruitness.


In 1896 after a tour of France’s many vineyards, Marcel Ott, a young graduate in agronomy engineering from Alsace, finally found an estate that inspired him. To set the scene, we are in Provence. The Mediterranean is lapping at the shore a mere stone’s throw away...

In these parts, growing wines is the legacy of ancient times. Alas, a short while before Marcel Ott’s discovery, phylloxera had wreaked havoc on the vines. The land was cheaper but had been replanted too quickly and badly. The wine had lost a great deal of its soul in the vineyard’s reconstruction. Marcel Ott bought several estates and began renovating them with the determined ambition to create great Provencal wines from noble grape varieties.

Today, 120 years later, cousins Jean-François and Christian Ott dedicate their life to their ancestor’s love for the site. In 2004, Domaines Ott* joined Louis Roederer and its fabulous selection of wine craftsmen.

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