Technical sheet:

Country: Italy

Region: Veneto

Alcohol: 11%

Service: 8-10°C

Sweetness: 26-28 g/L

Foss Marai Millesimato Prosecco DOCG Superiore Di Cartizze Dry NV

Bubbly Wine - Foss Marai

HK $400

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A unique spumante wine of its kind, obtained by processing the Prosecco grapes grown in the small hilly area of Valdobbiadene (104 hectares overall) known as Cartizze. The Cartizze Foss Marai has an intense wisteria aroma, with a hint of rose. It is rich and varied to the taste, and not overly sweet. Excellent before and throughout the meal, and always equal to every situation.


Excellence is not something distant and inaccessible, it is a practical concept, the awareness of the value of the world around us, it is simply a daily commitment Nothing is more contagious than enthusiasm and passion, nothing that we do disregards this. The experience gained over years of careful work by master craftsmen brings quality to Foss Marai products seen increasingly at high levels in the international wine market. Charles Biasiotto with his family has led Foss Marai to play a prestigious role as a leading company and national and international ambassador of Italian sparkling wine. Foss Marai has strived to continuously improve all its products, to never be satisfied with successes achieved and to develop and produce still and sparkling wines that satisfy modern tastes, but do not necessarily follow trends.

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