Foss Marai Native Prosecco DOCG Strada di Guia 109 Valdobbiadene Extra Dry N.V.

Bubbly Wine - Foss Marai

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Strada di Guia 109 Prosecco Brut is a spumante wine with an attractive aroma of unripe fruits and acacia flowers, characteristic of Prosecco grapes. It has a balanced flavour, in which acidity and residual sugar blend to create a pleasant ensemble.


Foss Marai is a winery specializing in Prosecco, located in Guia di Valdobbiadene in the Treviso region of Italy. The company was founded in the early 20th century by Luigi Biasotto, and is now operated by his grandson, Carlo Biasotto and his family. The Prosecco (Glera) grapes are grown in steep hillside vineyards throughout the finest quality locations for producing this sparkling wine. In addition to sparkling, Foss Marai also produces a still Cabernet Sauvignon.

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