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Grape Variety: Sangiovese and complementary varieties (Malvasia nera, Colorino, Canaiolo)

Country: Italy

Region: Tuscany

Appellation: Chianti Rufina

Alcohol: 14%

Vinification: Length of maceration: 20 days, with frequent pumpovers. Malolactic fermentation: immediately following initial fermentation

Ageing/Maturation: Maturation method: large oak barrels. Length of maturation: 24 months in oak and 3 months in the bottle

Frescobaldi Vecchie Viti 2014

Red Wine - Frescobaldi

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The wine appears a very intense ruby red, with a rim, still quite vibrant, that shows no effects of spending two years in oak. Predominating on the nose are notes of wild black berryfruit, such as blackcurrant and wild blackberry; although the fragrances will further evolve in the bottle, spicy notes of black pepper and cinnamon are already evident, and it will be fascinating to follow their evolution over the next years. The palate evidences some astringency, though within acceptable limits, fine sapidity, and full volume. Nipozzano Vecchie Viti concludes with a long-lingering finish infused with crisp, appealing fruit.


James Suckling - 93 points

Falstaf Magazin - 91 points

Wine Spectator - 90 points


From an early economic base in the Italian community of cloth merchants in Bruges, the Frescobaldi expanded their banking interests to their home city of Florence in the 13th century. Their power base in the city's affairs lay in their participation in the small network that controlled the great cloth-working Arti: the Arte della Lana, the Arte di Calimala, the guild of cloth finishers and merchants in foreign cloth, and the Cambio, or money exchange.

In Florence the Frescobaldi found themselves on the wrong side in the attempted power coup of the Grandi in 1343 and were henceforth barred from public service in the Republic, but the Frescobaldi remained prominent in the lesser offices still open to them, such as podestà in the small towns governed from Florence, and through the web of marriage connections among the Florentine ruling class.

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