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Grape Variety: Primarily Merlot with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc & Petit Verdot

Country: Japan

Region: Yamanashi

Alcohol: 13.50%

Vinification: Direct Pressing and Saignée

Sweetness: Dry

Grace Rosé 2016

Rosé Wine - Grace

HK $324

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Bright rose colour and a lovely red tone give a first impression of brilliance. Aromas of red fruits such as red currants, pomegranate, floral aromas of roses and violets, and a hint of spicy aromas of cinnamon and earthiness. Gentle on the palate, dry but with a faintly perceptible fruity sweetness. Acidity is mild; the palate is juicy with concentration. Made using the saignée method and fermented in oak, the wine is an exemplary blend of both fruitiness and complexity.


Grace Winery, (company name “Chuo Budoshu” in Japanese) was established in 1923 in Katsunuma, the birthplace of Japan’s wine industry and today the wine hub of Japan. Their brand name "Grace Wine" is named after the Three Graces. They believe good wines come from grapes which bear the characters of the place they originated from. They make constant effort to improve how grapes are grown in order to enhance their quality.

After successful attempts as pioneers to adopt Vertical Shoot Positioning for Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay in 1990 in order to enhance flavour concentration, they expanded their vineyard holdings and applied the same techniques to Merlot and Petit Verdot. In 2002, they added to their portfolio the Misawa vineyard which employs the same grape-growing philosophy. Their Koshu grapes, the signature grape variety of Japan, are grown along the mountainous area of the region, which lead to wines with more concentration and minerality. It is Grace’s vision to always bring the highest quality wines and the joy of wine drinking to you.

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