Gran Codorniu Chardonnay 2014

Bubbly Wine - Codorniu

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Pale yellow with golden highlights. Clarity and brilliance. A fine mousse forming a persistent crown, which denotes its thorough fermentation in the bottle.

Supple toasty notes intermingled with spring fruits: peach and cherry underlain with brioche and dried fruits and nuts from its ageing on the lees. Very complex with elegant notes and generous aroma that are enhanced the longer it remains in the glass.

A rounded, complex, balanced and creamy mouthfeel. The butteriness of Chardonnay has enabled us to craft thie Brut nature without adding sugars.

An ideal cava for accompanying a wide variety of dishes: risotto, seafood, duck magret, stews, smoked dishes and heavy spices.


Codorniu is synonymous to the history of a family of winegrowers which goes back to the XVI century. It is the oldest family business in Spain and one of the oldest in the world. It no has 450 years of history behind it. THey were the first winery to create cava using Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Pallerada grapes. Codorniu owns the oldest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards, used for the production of cava with vines aged 30 years or more.

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