Gulfi Nerojbleo Sicilia IGT Nero d'Avola 2013

Red Wine - Gulfi

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The wine shows some evolution at this stage but this only adds to the overall complexity. At the core are bright notes of cherry and cassis, but these primary aromas are followed by bitter almond, tar and leather. The mouthfeel is complete and balanced.


Robert Parker - 90 points


Our objective is to preserve our land so as to pass on what our forefathers left us: over 2000 years of history, culture and hard work so that we can handover to our sons and daughters an integral land, that is immense in its beauty and richness.

Naturalness is the principle that has always guided our work. This is the same “naturalness” that distinguishes our wines, which are the fruit of traditional and bioorganic winegrowing and non-invasive vinification.

The legend of this old picture, located in the middle of Sicily, shows Eros (Love) and Psyche (Beauty) that for the Venus envy they are obliged to hide their love and meet one another in the dark. From this passion gives rise to Voluptuousness (Pleasure). This old sign is a metaphor where Eros is Gulfi, and its love to his wonderful land (Psyche), gives rise to his wines that are pure expression of Pleasure (Voluptuousness).

Our wines come from old vines in the most ancient and well-known districts of Pachino and Val di Noto: Maccari, Bufaleffi, Baroni and San Lorenzo. Here is where our crus are born: Neromaccarj, Nerobufaleffj, Nerobaronj and Nerosanlorè, all of which are authentic expressions of the territory that they originate from.

Who has never dreamt of cultivating a vine suspended in the sky? Our Reseca comes from a small and ancient Nerello Mascalese in the Poggio single vineyard in Randazzo, at 850 metres above sea-level. It is made exclusively from wines cultivated in alberello (small tree) style, that scramble along the Etnean mountain on black terraces of lavic earth and that sink their roots in the primordial soil of Europe’s tallest volcano: Etna

The purest essence of Sicilian winemaking: the alberello (small tree vine). This is the only form of vine cultivation that allows – in such an extreme climate - to obtain highly refined and complex wines; that perfectly integrates itself with the natural environment; and that does not need invasive chemical inputs or irrigation. An alberello vineyard is difficult to manage since its cultivation is entirely manual. But this is where the journey in our land begins.

Our greatest commitment is to safeguard our land and to continue making wine in a way that respects the environment and is in equilibrium with the surrounding ecosystem. The indigenous vines, which over centuries have adapted themselves to these lands, the non-irrigated alberello cultivation and organic agriculture, are fundamental in respecting what we have inherited.

Vito Catania is the witness of the family tradition of wine and oil making. He has expanded the land area he inherited and introduced innovative working practices. The wine farm is the result of a project that begun in 1996 with the precious collaboration of Salvo Foti. Today the wine farm counts about 70 hectares of land planted with vines in the best parts of eastern Sicily.

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