Jamsheed Harem La Syrah 2014

Red Wine - Jamsheed

HK $248

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Dark chocolate, dark cherries, roasted nuts and sweeter riper fruit than the single vineyard wines. Medium-bodied and chunky chalky whole bunch tannins. Velvet mid-palate and a swish of oak on the finish.


Ancient writings tell an endearing tale of Jamsheed, a Persian king who was said to be able to see his kingdom in a cup of wine, and whose fondness for fresh grapes lead him to store them in jars over winter where they would inevitably spontaneously ferment and be set aside as ‘poison’. One of King Jamsheed’s harem, despairing of frequent migraines, chooses to commit suicide by drinking from a poisoned jar. She wakes to find herself miraculously cured, informs her king, who is most pleased and sets about making many jars of ‘poison’ - thus wine was discovered.

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