La Mesma Gavi Di Gavi Etichetta Nera 2013 (6-Pack)

White Wine - La Mesma

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**Sold as a 6-Pack**


The hand picked grapes are first selected in the oldest vineyards in Monterotondo. The best of these grapes is then chosen in our wine cellars where they immediately undergo soft pressing. Fermentation takes place slowly at controlled temperatures. The wine is then let to rest for five months “sur lie” in temperature controlled cement vats. Bright, straw yellow in colour, our Black Label has an intense, complex bouquet of apple and ripe apricot. Its full flavour is tasty and rich with an elegant, persistent, fruity background.


La Mesma is a family business, meticulously run by the three Rosina sisters: Paola, Francesca and Anna. Though coming from different professional backgrounds, they all share the same passion for Gavi. The vineyard’s unique characteristics, as well as those of the local terrain, endow La Mesma Gavi with a myriad of distinctive, singular qualities. Hand-picking and careful selection ensure that only the best grapes are used and the same passionate care pervades every step of production, from harvest to soft pressing, to vinification at controlled temperatures in stainless steel vats.

At La Mesma they believe that a great wine comes from great fruit, and that great fruit can be obtained with gentle, hands-on farming practices. They never use weed-killers or chemical fertilizers, as they want the vines to live a long, healthy life, therefore the soft pruning technique, and controlled grass treatments are used. The Gavi area is rich in biodiversity, with woods surrounding the vineyards and lots of insects and wild animals free to roam: healthy vines in a healthy environment.

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