Leon Beyer Riesling 2015

White Wine - Leon Beyer

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A gently lemon-scented nose leads to a similar lemony palate of brightness. This wine is light-footed, high-toned and refreshing, with tart lemon balanced by other riper citrus. It's clean, dry and superrefreshing.

Standing proudly side by side on a wooded crest, "three châteaux", a trio of quadrangular keeps named Weckmund, Wahlenbourg and Dagsbourg - a light, visible for miles, from Eguisheim to Husseren.

Eguisheim is a spectacular wine-producing town, arranged in concentric circles - its circular streets following the traces of three ancient lines of ramparts. The past is deeply rooted here, around the remains of a château, once the cradle of the powerful Dabo-Eguisheim family, the same line that gave birth to Bruno d'Eguisheim, elected pope in 1049 under the name Léon IV and later canonised. The city of the Counts of Eguisheim, which passed into the hands of the Bishop of Strasbourg in the 13th century, had always been at the centre of a flourishing vineyards, as several tithe-collectors' courtyards bear witness. Once the property of the Augustinians of Marbach, the Benedictines of Ebersmunster, the Cistercians of Paris and the Dominicans of Colmar, the buildings still stand today.

The present day vineyard, one of the most extensive in all of Alsace, with its more than 300 hectares, is shared between multiple independent estates and the omnipresent Eguisheim wine cooperative, the zone of influence of which greatly exceeds the local area. It brings together two grand crus: Eichberg and Pfersigberg, of a very considerable area. Each year; at the end of March, Eguisheim hosts the first presentation of the latest Alsace wine vintage.

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