Marques De Murrieta Castillo Ygay 2009

Red Wine - Marques De Murrieta

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Deep intense bright ruby red. With a dense, slow texture. Leaves a sticky trace in the glass. A slow wine, to be aerated for a few moments beforehand to bring out its intense, complex aroma of ripe red and black berries – dried raspberry – dates, aromatic herbs, mint, hints of spice, tobacco leaf, cocoa ... enveloped in fine wood. In the mouth it is very abundant, with polished tannins and a fine texture that combines weight and acidity to give it complete balance. A lively, structured Gran Reserva wine with a lingering taste and aftertaste. Guaranteed intense development in the bottle.


Marqués de Murrieta Estates and Wines is led by a family used to professionalism and daily effort– a mother and her children with a Galician heart who remember Vicente Cebrián Sagarriga, the person who left them suddenly many years ago, every day with love and gratitude. A wonderful husband, an exemplary father, a tireless worker and, in essence, a great man.

"He began a great business and family project which we nowadays try to continue with the same strength and enthusiasm. He transmitted us the value of a united family, he showed us the daily effort, not to fear the fight, the meaning of sacrifice and the reason of the effort. He shared with us how to win and also how to loose… always without becoming weak, looking ahead, seeking joy. He transmitted us the necessity of respecting and being faithful to the past but without forgetting our future… always looking ahead. He gave us his faith, his confidence, his love for life and for all the people around us, his wish to give always, in essence, his charming way of living."

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