Mastroberardino Radici Taurasi DOCG 2013

Red Wine - Mastroberardino

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Colour: Deep ruby red.

Bouquet: Full, complex and intense, with notes of cherry, violet, wild berries and a distinctive spicy aroma.

Taste: Fascinating and elegant in the mouth. With flavors of plum, black cherry, strawberry and intense spices.


The Mastroberardino family has lived inside the socio-cultural wine world for at least two centuries, according to the most reliable historical reconstructions. The first traces of its presence in Irpinia date back to the Bourbons land register, in the Eighteenth century, when the family chose for its headquarter the town of Atripalda, where the ancient cellar still exists today. There they began the business that would forever tie the destiny of their family to wine. Since then, ten different generations have led their family wine business, as it always happens in the histories of the oldest family businesses.

Historically, Mastroberardino's main mission has always been the protection of the traditional wine values of the area, while keeping up with modern innovations and developing a modern interpretation of its own wines. They aim to intelligently combine the best of ancient culture’s style and character together with the most innovative and high quality technologies.

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