Masut Da Rive Friuli Ribolla Gialla 2012 (6-Pack)

White WIne - Masut Da Rive

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**Sold as a 6-Pack**


Ribolla is a grape variety most widely planted in the northeastern Italian province of Friuli. This wine is characterised by firm acidity, peach, citrus and apply notes and a subtle floral aromatic profile.


The Gallo family has been making wine in Isonzo for over 60 years. In the 1970’s, Silvano Gallo redirected the focus of the estate towards quality. In the winery, he instituted the use of stainless steel tanks for fermentation, temperature control to preserve fruit character, and minimal handling of the wines to express terroir. Experimentation with different spacing methods, trellising and clones has translated into wines with riper and more concentrated fruit flavors.

After graduating from the school of Enology in Udine, Silvano’s sons, Fabrizio and Marco, have taken over the vineyard and winemaking responsibilities. With the ideas of a new generation, the estate is competing with the top producers of the region.

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