Negro Serra Lupini Roero Arneis 2014

White Wine - Negro

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Intense straw yellow color, the fragrance has a hint of yellow fruits pulp like peach and pear, flowers of acacia and tropical fruits. In the mouth, it has soft persisting attack, and a mineral aftertaste which comes from the sandy soil of Roero.


Before the current owner, Giovanni Negro, the history of Azienda Agricola Negro Angelo e Figli was in the hands of another character who carried his name. In 1670 Giovanni Dominico Negro, son of Audino, was the owner of the property know today as the Perdaudin estate, with its prestigious vineyards and a house with an oven, threshing floor, cellar and vineyards. These historical memories are all registered in the archives at the Monteu Roero town council and remain as indelible traces of a past that has remained in the limelight of both the press headlines and local territory.

Here, between Monteu Roero and Canale, where the lofty hills stretch up towards the sun, you can find the vineyards and cellars of Azienda Agricola Negro Angelo e Figli - almost fifty hectares of vines, where the traditional varieties of the area are favoured: Arneis , Favorita, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Bonarda and Brachetto. The heart of the family-run business is in the Cascina Riveri barn in the small hamlet of S. Anna. Here the wines are born, aged and refined. There is a reception area to welcome guests who come to meet the wines and the people who created them. It is the place where we continuously develop and constructively evaluate our production and marketing strategies.

This is the Negro family’s real life, a life that pulses and projects this small group of people into the future world.

Here, with the support of his wife Marisa, their daughter Emanuela and their three sons, Gabriele, Angelo and Giuseppe, who all work in the family business, Giovanni Negro evaluates The result of this union between technology and tradition, and the younger and older generations, is the production of pleasant wines, which are impeccable in terms of quality, with strong, complex structures and rich personalities that win support in Italy and around the world.

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