Powell and Son Alice's Shiraz 2014

Red Wine - Powell and Son

HK $760

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Deep, brooding and intense. This wine is built upon rich, ripe fruit; predominantly black cherry, dark plum and mulberry sitting alongside char and black liquorice. The palate shows depth and plenty of fine spices mixed well with vanilla oak and a definite dusty/earthiness. This is undoubtedly one for the cellar it really needs some time to soften out and soak up some of that oak. This will certainly happen though and after a while it will exhibit some soft, aged leather characters and enhanced mid-palate generosity.


In the beginning of the 1980’s my father finished high school and had followed in his father’s footsteps studying economics. Quickly realising a life in economics wasn’t for him and unsure of which path to take, he dropped out of university and decided to travel the world. He eventually found himself working as a lumberjack in the highlands of Scotland, where he met my mother. After some time in Scotland they decided to move back to my dad’s home, South Australia. They first started working in the Barossa in the early eighties. Soon realising how much they were being paid working vintages and enjoying the local wine culture, they decided to hang around a while longer.

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