Tassi Brunello Di Montalcino

Red Wine - Tassi

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Intense red ruby with garnet red nuances. Deep to the smell with faint hints of ripe fruit, especially plum and cherry as well as some elegant and very fine spices. Very pleasant and refined to the taste. It blends perfectly with the traditional Tuscan dishes, especially with game and seasoned cheese.


From the superb Montalcino hills rich in history, culture and traditions, grapes of unique and magic flavor are grown, image and mirror of these enchanting lands without time.
 The wines of Franci Franca Farmhouse hold all the tastes of the Tuscan tradition, the perfumes and flavors of this ancient land. Young farm of the wine-growing heritage of Montalcino, it distinguishes for the high quality of its grapes and constant production innovation. Knowledge, competence, dedication are what make this family owned farm so outstanding.

It is from the rooted passion of the Tassi family and the masterly skill of the oenologist Alberto Antonini, that the wines grown on the slope of the antique manor of Velona disclose all the flavors of the noble land of Montalcino. Fabio Tassi, manager of the farm and promoter of many wine and gastronomic initiatives connected with the farm itself, is a conscious interpreter of the new course of the history of medieval Montalcino.

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