The Flying Winemaker Season 1 DVD

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The Flying Winemaker Season 1 DVD

Eddie McDougall is on a worldwide adventure cultivating an Asian food and wine revolution with this new show, The Flying Winemaker

Our Hong Kong-born Chinese-Australian expert-host is a passionate young-gun winemaker on a mission: to take the snobbery out of wine and revolutionise how it's consumed with Asian cuisine.

Eddie's no stuck up wine snob obsessed with Bordeaux and Burgundy. He's simply looking for good wine, interesting people and an unforgettable adventure. It's an intoxicating and deliciously addictive journey as Eddie explores Hong Kong, India, China, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Bali, Taiwan and Australia.

The follow up:

Eddie's passion for wine education to the world has led him to publish the first Asian Wine Review - an informative guide that provides insight into the region's emerging wine industry. A great reference tool for all levels of wine enthusiasts, from winemakers and trade professionals to the aspiring wine connoisseur.

Learn more about the Asian Wine Review here

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