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Dine for Change with Jeffrey Andrews

With the Christmas around the corner and in the spirit of giving, Asian Wine Review powered by The Flying Winemaker has agreed to be a sponsor for Dine for Change, organized by SparkRaise and Local Motion. It is the first of a series of Dining for Change that they plan to continue next year.

This dining experience offered a unique and intimate experience of dining with Jeffrey Andrews, Hong Kong’s first minority registered social worker and learning about the refugee crisis in Hong Kong. Read more to find out about the organisers and the social cause.


 SparkRaise and LocalMotion partnered up to organise a fantasitc dinner at Town Restaraunt with the Asian Wine Review sponsoring the wines.DIne for Change with Jeffrey Andrews at Town Restaraunt


About SparkRaise:

An online fundraising platform that allows ideas to be brought to life and shared throughout a supportive community. Their mission is to create tools that align with creative, entrepreneurial and philanthropic values. The platform allows for an opportunity to build a network and audience, to raise funds for projects, events and services and growth, to help develop products and ideas.

About LocalMotion:

A matchmaking platform that empowers Non-Profits and Social Enterprises through skills based volunteering. Whether you are a Freelancer or a Company looking to give back, LocalMotion will match your individual professional skills or the skills of your company to an organization that needs it.

About Jeffrey Andrews:

Hong Kong born and raised, with an Indian ethnicity, Jeffrey Andrews’ story is motivational and inspiring. In his youth, he had a brush with the law that landed him behind bars, the experience woke him up and put him on a path that would lead to becoming Hong Kong’s first minority social worker, which took four years of night school whilst working a full-time job. He is a strong advocate for refugees, giving a voice to those who don’t know how to be heard. He has dedicated more than 10 years on improving the lives of ethnic minorities and refugees in Hong Kong and works at the Chungking Mansion Refugee Center.



Held in a casual but also informative setting to encourage you to get to know Jeffrey Andrews and his values in supporting refugees and minorities in Hong Kong.Dine for Change with Jeffrey Andrews

Prior to this experience I had no idea that Hong Kong even had any refugee issues. This is why this was such a great event that not only brought awareness, but really helped you understand better the struggles that refugees and organisations like, The Refugee Center face.

Out of the 14,000 pending asylum seekers in 2017, just over 100 make it through the long arduous process to gain refugee status in Hong Kong. Chungking Mansions Service Center is the only drop-in service canter for refugees and asylum seekers. Not only do they provide basic necessities such as food and clothing, but they provide educational support, case work, advice counseling and also make referrals to partner agencies. The problems are not only that asylum seekers do not get enough funds for rent and food, but the process of obtaining official refugee status from the UNHCR could take up to 10 years or more. During this time, asylum seekers are not allowed to work or even volunteer to provide for their own basic human needs.

Minorities, asylum seekers and refugees face a lot of hurdles in Hong Kong, but they also have to put up with racism, prejudice and stereotypes. Chungking Mansions may have left a bad impression on older generation locals, but today it's seen as a refuge and home to minorities, it's also a hub of entrepreneurship, where small thriving businesses can be found. I’ve been told it is the best place to have an authentic curry. Just like the stereotype of Chungking Mansions, The Refugee Center aims to breakdown the social ignorance when it comes to refugees by bringing awareness and educating us about the issues.  

Please visit their Facebook page if you want to find more information or make a donation: 



Town Restaraunt

This event was held at Town Restaurant, where a 3-course dinner was served with wines sponsored by the Asian Wine Review. It provided a relaxed and quiet setting that reached out to the 14 dinning guests deeply and allowed conversation to flow, so that the guests were free to ask questions and gain a better grasp of the refugee crisis.

Wines that were paried with the food:

Eddie McDougall Prosecco NV with "Crudo" Hamachi, Cucumber, Melon, Ikura, Coastal Greens

Hatten Rosé NV with Green Risotto, Plankton, Scallops

A selection of Cabernet Sauvignon, or Cabernet Sauvignon blends from China with "Tenderloin" of Beef, Smoked Eggplant, Flavours of the Sea

The meal was finished off with Cheese Cake, Kinoko Ice Cream and Kettle Popcorn

Three Course dinner at Town Restaraunt for Dine for Change



This was an incredible experience to be a part of. Jeffrey Andrews is a great speaker and did a great job of highlighting the problems that are letting down the system. The evening was made up of a great menu, great wines and supported a greater cause.

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