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Little Pig Rosé

"Little Pig Rosé is a wine that carries the most emotional attachment and significance to me as it's named in memory of my late grandmother (po po 婆婆). Growing up as a child in Hong Kong, my po po called me "Little Pig" in Cantonese (豬仔) as I was born in the Lunar year of the Pig. My po po was an inspiration and hero who was generous, respected, and the best cook in the world." - Eddie McDougall

Little Pig loves life; he's thoughtful, passionate and charismatic. He enjoys jogging along the beach, sharing his love of rosé and tending his vines under the glistening sunshine.

Eddie McDougall's Little Pig Rosé is eye-catching, deliciously dry and refreshing. It's bursting with flavours of red currants, guava and citrus. This wine pairs well with good times.

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